If you’re anything like me, you more than likely have a ton of jeans hanging in your closet. But out of that ton, you have your top 3 that always steal the show. The rest are just there to convince you that you own more than three pairs of jeans (silly I know), or maybe you hold on to them for convenience, for those “just in case” moments you’ve went over in your head. So what do you do to convince yourself to switch out of your uniform jean to something unfamiliar ?! 


Periodically I check out what’s trending and how I can recreate some of these trends at home before spending a coin. Denim trends are forever changing; whether it’s the wash, the cut, the length, the details, etc. So why not make those jeans hanging in your closet useful ? Choose a denim trend you love and find a way to transform them into something more practical. 

These particular jeans I’m wearing I once hated! I brought them thinking, how can you ever go wrong with a pair of Levi’s ? But to my surprise vintage Levi’s and newer Levi’s are NOTHING alike. The newer styles just don’t do it for me, something is just always off . While I loved the wash of these, the fit was so bad, the actual cut was a weird boot cut hem that just sloppily sat on top of my boots/sneakers. I decided what more perfect jeans than these to cut and distress at the knee to recreate the “cut off jean” trend. 

Outfit Details: Vintage Blazer- Christian Dior| Levi’s Jeans- Bloomingdales| Black Suede Laceup Booties- Urban Outfitters| Black Faux Leather Beret- Forever 21


Give Me Color


As of lately colors have been everything to me ! Coming from a typical all black wearing New Yorker, this is a big deal! Of course as spring/summer makes an appearance I try my hardest to arrange some pops of color into my attire but this year around I wanted pure color and less black. I’ve been mixing and matching color ways and prints mentally, and now it’s time for me to give my ideas a go.


I spotted this beautiful royal blue top while thrift shopping and as I reached closer to it I noticed it’s beautiful gold buttons and I just knew I found a winner. While continuing my hunt I ran across a mustard yellow (my favorite color in the world) printed skirt with mini size blue squares and I thought to myself, ah this is it ! I am obsessed with how perfectly the two compliment each other, you would almost assume they came as a matching set ! My excitement immediately came to a stop the minute I thought about what in the hell can i wear on my feet with these colors! As days went on by, I continuously glanced at my power duo still trying to figure out what color I could possibly throw in the mix. And then that’s when it hit me, no color would compliment this look at all. I needed something transparent, something with absolutely no color, something clear. I surfed the web finding tons of sold out clear mules, sandals and heels. Until finally I found the perfect pair on Amazon, yes people I said Amazon! And just like that we have a look!


Outfit Detail: Royal Blue Blazer- The Goodwill| Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt-The Goodwill|Clear Mules- Amazon| 

Throwback Thursday


As a new blogger aspiring to be a successful influencer one day, I challenge myself to continuously post content no matter what. However, having content to always post can be a challenge here and there. Most of my shoots will normally last for hours or take up most of my day simply because I try my best to shoot at least 4 different looks that will last me for about a month. As of recently I noticed a pattern within myself that has become so frustrating. I love majority of my looks but then there’s that one outfit that I could’ve put a little more “umph” into or added/took away something to make it more special. Or is it just simply me over thinking as usual ? 


I’m trying out something new to help me make some of my decisions when it comes to blog post. If I’m not crazy about an outfit, my poses, my hair, my facial expressions, l simply won’t post them. I will put them on the back burner and come back to it. If I come back to these photos and still feel the same then it wasn’t meant and I know going forward what to change.For the most part I always come back with a change of heart and wonder what the heck was I thinking ? So here we are, for this lovely throwback Thursday, a look new to you but old to me! 


Outfit Details- Vintage Plaid Blazer -The Goodwill|Green Dress- Zara| Black Skinny Jeans-Topshop| Tan Suede Boots- H&M|Black Leather Crossbody Bag- Coach| Gold Dangle Earrings-Aldo 

The Universe Is With You


 The past few weeks have been major eye openers, some negative & some positive. Doing my daily reading of quotes, I stumbled on one that of course won’t leave my memory. “The universe will send you exactly what you asked for, then send you a distraction to see if you fuck it up”. All I’ve really been asking for is pure happiness, whether that be my job, my blog, my friendships/relationships, every & anything around me. 

7B75D50B-0C86-499D-9E59-6BEF0034636095C6CC61-2555-4029-82B4-1D10CBDF080EC6E70434-E262-4E43-9E3A-8E2A698C3BAEReading this I realized how close I came to almost screwing up exactly what I asked for. Luckily, my mind set has changed significantly over the past few years, I am able to accept what isn’t for me and gladly step away from it. It’s such a beautiful and liberating feeling to understand yourself, acknowledge your faults and own them. All while, reminding yourself you don’t need anything or anyone to make you happy, all you need is you. 055F4B57-2F59-4456-87F7-E28D16C2DFF04A04CBB8-0982-46FF-AB4A-96EDCF8CAD6CA8A0E907-0041-450C-8B4C-A6C677860293

So many great opportunities have been opening up for me little by little & I must admit at times I’ve allowed myself to fall into distractions. Distractions that have no benefit to what I’ve been working towards, but just like you I’m human and I’m going to fall off sometimes. That just leaves space and opportunity to pick myself up and raise the bar even higher.  

Outfit Details: Vintage Blazer: Black Pencil Skirt: H&M/ Black Thigh High Boots: / Vintage Black Leather Belt: Goodwill/ BlackBerry Dangle Earrings: My Thriftque

Spring Ting

7F107156-B495-4992-B1D0-3160D351F3FDI’ve been so ready for spring but don’t feel like she’s quite ready for me. With peaks of sun coming in here and there, I’ve been tempted to just throw on a sun dress, sandals, and go. But back to reality, I don’t want to actually freeze my ass off! So I’ve done a little improvising and found different ways to wear my spring clothes and still be warm. For example, slip dresses and tanks paired with turtlenecks or long sleeve tops, sun dresses and maxi dresses paired with jeans, mini skirts with over the knee boots, and socks with sandals.

DC8780FA-5BF9-4717-AF3B-CC71F6E6B8705677BA80-4E1D-44CB-8D72-72D7EB6B8BAFA2E60A33-73F8-4987-877A-B2427D9BAC6156387008-3477-4399-811F-1F0C13A15A552ECB5B95-8F99-4632-9434-F6A0992BCC45On this particular day I decided to pair my French Connection floral print button up maxi dress with a pair of topshop black skinny jeans, my suede Zara trench coat, and boohoo red booties. It felt amazing to finally be able to wear something loose and flowy with out freezing ! Check out below some other ways to rock those spring/summer pieces now while Mother Nature continues to be indecisive.


Okay Not So Okay


I recently read a quote via Instagram that stood out to me and for some reason couldn’t be forgotten. The quote discussed the word “okay” and how so many people were settling to live an okay life. I couldn’t think of a more perfect time than now to have read this quote.

I have decided to step away from retail and start a new beginning with an amazing company that is not only on the rise to greatness but would be a more intimate family setting for myself. I am taking a full on leap of faith by cutting back from full time to part time, from fashion to cosmetic, but most importantly, competitive to satisfaction. Cutting back on hours at the work place will open up more space and opportunities for my future endeavors.

9B637316-6D4C-4E95-848C-0380ECFFDF9AA7C47483-98A5-44C5-B8CF-DCB5BA2CD58CA17396CB-E3C4-4911-92EA-00EE39452F53It came to a point where I realized retail just isn’t for me anymore and it began to bring more stress to my life than success. I was tired of the same experience, the same expectations, and the same stress I faced every single day. I felt like I was slowly beginning to lose myself & that’s when something clicked in my head I had to make a change. Not just a change of scenery but a change that would align with MY future, my goals, and my calling. I’ve been dying to get out more, socialize, and attend events that will point me, my blog, and my thriftique in the right direction. By freeing up some of my
time from the work place I now have more time to do so. As well as have time to step away from all my worries or troubles and just do whatever it is that truly makes my heart sing. With that being said I look forward to finally opening my online thriftique, continuing my blog, and growing with a new company. What are you okay with in your life ? Are you comfortable with that being okay? If so change it, Now!


Outfit Details| Red Suede Jacket- French Connection| Black & White Checkered Pants-Zara| Red Kitten Heel Booties-BooHoo| Black Leather Adjustable Bag- My Online Thriftique (click here)| 

Pretty Is


A few months ago I had the pleasure of joining one of my close friends & cousin along with a diverse group of women for a project called “Pretty Is”. I worked with a husband & wife, director and videographer, who came up with this dope idea. The idea behind “Pretty Is” was to demonstrate all sorts of women in the world & show case their personal beauty, breaking the barriers of what society says pretty is. 

(Click Here To Watch “Pretty Is”)


When offered to participate in this project I was immediately intrigued and hungry for more information. Being the feisty little feminist I am, I love anything that sends out a message to the world stating “ I am female, this is the skin and body I live in, this is how I choose to live my life and I don’t give a shit what your judgement of that is.” This project spoke to me because I can remember times I thought I NEEDED long hair to be pretty, I needed to wear heels and tight clothes to feel sexy or more feminine, I needed to keep up with the hottest items even if that meant going broke. Until one day I realized I receive so much more feedback and attention when I’m just purely MYSELF.


I change my hair as often as I want to because I can and I like to, I choose to wear vintage and I’m not afraid to say I didn’t spend boo-koo amounts of money on a lot of my pieces, and I will almost always prefer comfort over being sexy. I’m so proud of the journey we’ve been through as woman, and I’m so happy to see more and more of us supporting and loving one another.



Outfit Details: Cabbie Hat-Target|Vintage Blazer-TheGoodwill|Nude Turtleneck-Boohoo|Mom Jeans-LTrain Vintage|Snakeskin Kitten Heel Boots- Poshmark 

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby


Sex…appeal that is. A subject I almost never touch or feel fits me. Partnering with HiddenFashion to create this look, definitely took me out of my comfort zone & made me realize I do in fact embody sex appeal. This pale pink blazer dress showed off just the right amount of skin without over exposing me. I paired it with a pale pink lace bra, fishnet tights, my favorite black fanny pack and these beautiful deep red patent leather lace up booties also from Hiddenfashion.


I realized sex appeal only lives where confidence resides, and that for sure I do have. However, my confidence didn’t happen overnight, In fact at one point of my life I was very insecure about a lot of things. Observing those around me and comparing myself, dealing with a negative and verbally unhealthy relationship, & social media (of course) put me in a world wind of self doubt & lack of confidence. The time I took to rebuild my confidence back up was used on reading uplifting & confidence boosting books, cleaning out my closet (literally), tossing away any relationship I felt unsure of and learning how to enjoy my time alone. The biggest change I needed to make in order to welcome in confidence is let go of any doubts Lingering in my head.



Adventure Time

3F53040D-F1B4-4F47-9601-65DE04316BDBAs of lately, I’ve been doing so much thinking, searching, and a little healthy stressing ( if that makes sense). Turning 27 in a few weeks and I can’t stop thinking about my future and what it holds. The beautiful thing about your future is you have full control over how it turns out.

4B822A27-8BB1-4B04-9BB8-6727FD1B969748F87DE5-AB68-42E0-B02A-E2DED98645A489F573A1-4005-4665-987A-83DCC37C6AE4While so many people around me are settling down and welcoming marriage or motherhood I can’t help but think even more about my goals in life. My number one goal is to be my own boss, as cliche as that might sound, it’s so true. I want to invest myself in so many things I’ve never even imagined but baby steps are key. Last week I revealed on my insta story I would finally be working on a project I’ve been dying to work on but always stopped myself due to self doubt. I’ve kinda let the fear of loosing money and failing hinder my decision to go forward with my ideas.

70C19C27-2456-425A-8B99-E4ED909852A757DCA83F-09D1-44AF-A612-03208031B485 DFDF52CA-B3A2-44A2-810C-427ABEBABC97FB7B0C37-B76C-4EDE-989E-DD5D19AE6DEF

And then just like that I woke up one morning and thought to myself, how the hell would I ever know if I don’t at least try ? The most successful people in the world have failed before right ? In order to win some you gotta loose some right? RIGHT! With that being said, I am so excited for what’s to come and to share with you guys what this project will entail. So here I am about to dive head first into my first business venture, wish me well.

Photographs Taken By: Danilsa Rojas


What I’m Wearing:

Faux Fur Coat- BB Dakota

High Waist Nude Pants- The Fifth Label 

Nude Turtle Neck- Boohoo

White Booties- Target


Happy Valentines Day

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One of my favorite holidays is finally here, Valentine’s Day! Last year I talked about the power of getting to know oneself and learning to love yourself no matter the circumstance. This year I’m so happy to say I’m no longer learning but obsessing over the person I’ve grown into.

69FE59AC-42C5-43BD-A3D7-A3A7CB9BC1F3Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetFCBA7561-0841-46A6-A2FD-20ED42A2860DProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Over just a year so many things have changed for me, due to me finally embracing who I truly am and what I want out of my friendships, relationships, jobs (still working on that part) and well, life. Every change I’ve made I only made with the best intentions for myself. I learned to be a little less sensitive and a bit more assertive, to speak my mind but make no excuses for those I’ve repeated myself to too many times, allow people in my life that add to my growth and rid those that take away from it, and last, live my best goddamn life.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetPhotos taken by : Danilsa Rojas 

I’m exploding with joy, love, and affection these days and anyone that comes in my perimeter is bound to be suffocated by it. While I may not be spending this Valentine’s Day alone 😉, you better believe I’ve taken a day or two, to myself to binge in my own self care bubble. HAPPY Valentines Day ❤️