Take Him For What He’s Got

0D643DE3-2207-4ECB-BFA1-C637460D7587Every guy knows when he gets into a relationship to expect hoodies to become his and his girlfriends. But for many girls like my self, we aren’t only interested in the hoodies anymore. Since oversized and comfy fits have become more & more on trend, I’ve been dipping and diving in men’s wear, if it works it works.


What might some of these pieces be you ask ? Well, men’s blazers tend to all have shoulder pads which add the perfect amount of masculinity to your fit. To make it a little more fitting in the waist area you can tie a belt or even a fanny pack around your waist like I did. Crew neck sweaters that may fit extra roomie on him could be the perfect sweater dress on you . Since the bagger the better has become the norm, throw on a pair of his sweat pants with a tight fitting crop top and some booties. And of course you guys all know of the over sized button up off the shoulders trick. So ladies grab a guy and take him for what he’s got…. in his closet.


Pictures taken by: Danilsa Rojas


Outfit Details:

Turtleneck Sweater- Banana Republic

Vintage Men’s Blazer – L train Vintage

Thigh High Boots- Public Desire

Vintage Leather Fanny Pack- Poshmark

Gold Earrings- Aldo’s


Through the trenches


On a hunt for the perfect trench coat was super tricky and it took me some time before I discovered this one. I was on the fence with this baby because of it’s suede exterior, I instantly thought of myself getting caught in the rain and destroying the buttery soft fabric. But once I actually tried it on, all my negative thoughts went away! After all, most trench coats I try on give me that motherly look which I hate ! This one had the perfect fit and looked great opened or closed and not to my surprise, was super warm. If you’ve had the same issues with finding the perfect fitting trench coat, have no fear Ebony’s here ! ( lol ) Below I’ve listed the many other trench coats that caught my eye on the journey to finding the perfect one for me. Enjoy !

My Suede Trench Coat- Zara/ Brown Suede Booties-H&M/ Green Wool Fedora Hat- Ltrain Vintage ( WoolRich) / Snakeskin Purse-The Goodwill / Vintage Leather Belt – L train Vintage




Photos Taken By: Mylo Butler

Q&A Time

E3BABDA5-DCC4-4A4A-A8CB-91E18ADA3F7DAlthough thanksgiving is long gone, I still can’t shake the feeling of gratefulness I felt this year ! Family has always meant the world to me, even if it’s just a small group of us, makes our bond even tighter. With that being said, most people that don’t know much about me would assume “the curly headed girl that looks just like you” is my older sister but instead we are first cousins (basically means sisters). We  are literally ying & yang, absolute opposites yet the perfect duo. Check out exactly how different we are while reading a little Q&A time from us both ! 


What are your aspirations in life ?

My aspirations in life is to be happy (in my best Beyonce voice) lol just kidding, I aspire to some day be the true influencer I was meant to be all while encouraging women to be confident in their own skin.

To dance like no one is watching, to write with honesty and love and to inspire by living my truth through my art.


Who inspires you ?
Ebony: I mean Rih duh, She’s the shit period.

Alexis: Jennifer Lopez, Angela Davis, Beyoncé, Tracee Ellis Ross . . . I can keep going?


Word of advice to your younger self?

Ebony: Never sacrifice your happiness or well being for the likes of others, they will learn to love you the way you are or the hell with them.

Alexis: An eagle cannot soar surrounded by pigeons. You can’t always bring certain people with you.


What are your biggest accomplishments of 2017?

Ebony: Conquering the fear of being alone, finding my true self & learning how and when to let shit go; plain and simple. Oh and my blog zuhhhh

Alexis: Training with choreographers I once feared taking due to the competitive air in classes and starting my blog Rosesandbubbly.


What are you looking forward to in 2018?
Ebony: I’m looking forward to more career opportunities, new adventures (traveling), and maybe romance? Who knows

Alexis: I’m looking forward to that fresh page that says 1 of 365 – 2018. So much to look forward to, idk where to begin.


Photos Taken By : Mylo Butler

French Connection

24BE3311-1EA9-42FC-9755-9C8C90C25A51So now that I’m back from Paris & have been obnoxiously posting Eiffel Tower photos,I came back to New York to my new promotion at work. I’m not even going to get into how exhausting retail can be, we all know it. But there’s something about working with a brand I have been familiar with since a child & watching their evolvement over the years that eases the anxiety of working in 1 of New York’s tourist attractions.4065B8F4-8ADF-4825-AE5C-C057B374CC88B493B8E4-5D91-4C1A-A32B-3443E13EE6D8816AED08-D473-4277-B946-38EBE242EBD4I’m super excited to see what’s in the works for me as French Connection’s shop specialist. I love a brand that ignites versatility, allowing us to easily transition a daytime outfit into a nighttime look. With today’s fashion, most brands have become over sexualized and way too exposing, leaving nothing for the imagination. I love a tasteful outfit with the right amount of details added for sex appeal.

9CD0B0B6-6214-4516-8B1D-D3BA328B040C806A1201-A066-4902-B452-67BED2C781B0584AA329-91DB-482A-86E5-2DE890F677B15C784ED3-D4DF-4E3B-8383-6370A4F306B7Photos Taken By: Danilsa Rojas

With this look I was going for a semi French Connection micro-chromatic fit. I’ve been so into metallics lately that the moment I laid my eyes on this skirt I knew it had to be mine. I paired it with a grey super cozy-chunky off the shoulder sweater. I tied in my black suede Dolce Vita Booties and a pair of fishnet tights. I knew something was missing and just when i thought I couldn’t figure out what accessory needed to be added I discovered this beautiful multi colored faux fur scarf from Forever 21. The mustard yellow in the scarf complimented the metallic skirt and tied in everything else perfectly. Be on the look out for more French Connection pieces being added to my wardrobe. ❤️





Six Days In Pari-dise


Returning back to the states is bitter sweet, but the most exciting part of returning is being able to share my experience with you guys. Paris has ALWAYS been at the top of my vacation bucket list, but for a long time it seemed only a dream. When I finally found the courage to go, I just took a leap of faith & booked my flight with one of my dear friends. A “leap of faith” meaning I didn’t ask or care for anyone’s opinion, I didn’t broadcast my flight confirmation on social media, heck I waited an entire month to tell my own parents.Take a trip with me down memory as I share details of my trip day by day!

Travel dates – Monday October 23rd to Monday October 30th

Travel Time– 8 1/2 hours

Airlines– Norwegian Airlines Going To Paris ( via hopper.com) & XL airlines returning back to New York (via Expedia.com


Day One– We Flew into CDG Airport where we boarded our previously booked shuttle bus ( Paris shuttle click the link for more info) and headed to our Airbnb (click link to view Airbnb) in the Jourdain area of Paris. When traveling most places I love staying in an Airbnb rather than a resort or hotel because I like to get the full experience of my stay, allowing me to feel right at home.




Our Airbnb consisted of a book lined living room, kitchen/bar area, full balcony with a small garden and a staircase that led to a full bedroom and bathroom. I can not stress how perfect this home was for the both of us. From the Buddha’s, spiritual decor & plants to the books, antiques, and cat objects ( for my crazy cat friend) we felt right at home.

Day Two-
Where’d We Visit- Montmartre, Moulin Rouge/ Red light District, Sacré-Coeur

Where We Ate: Latin Quarter- most cafes/restaurants in Paris have a prefixed menu that consist of an appetizer, entree, and dessert for about 16-27 Euros. For me this was perfect, I had the chance to taste so many different things in each meal, oh! and their happy hours are 10 times better than New York 🍸

-Lavomatic- Looks like a laundry mat on the outside but actually a super trendy speak easy bar inside. Spectacular drinks but do expect a little wait for a seat, can get super crowded.


Outfit details:

Black Leather Jacket- Shein Offical Shein Offical 

Black Turtleneck- Banana Republic

Black & White Print Pants- Zara Zara 

Converse Sneakers- Bloomingdales

Black Leather Fannypack- Poshmark (Vintage)


Day Three-
Where’d We Visit- The Louvre & Eiffel Tower ( if you totally want to be a tourist like I was take a carriage ride from The Louvre to the Eiffel Tower (It can be a little pricey but the views on the way are priceless)


Where We Ate:
Le Café De La Régence- delicious coffee/cappuccino & crepes

Amorino- if you haven’t had Amorino’s rose shaped gelato in NYC already what are you really doing ? BUT while in Paris you must try their mango macaroon.

Buona sona bello- A small family owned Italian restaurant we discovered on our way back to our Airbnb. Great wine,great food (meat plate & pasta), amazing service.


Outfit Details:

Army Jacket- Auh2o Thriftique

Thigh high boots- Public Desire

0BC6E628-48BF-49BB-AA05-148D2EFABD93Day Four-
Where’d We Visit- Luxembourg Garden, Pont Des Arts ( old love lock bridge, sadly all the locks were removed 😕 but still a beautiful view from the bridge), Musée Du Quai Branly ( most of the museums are free ages 26 and under )


Where We Ate:
Angelina- You must go for coffee/tea/ hot chocolate and a pastry






Outfit Details-
Nude turtle neck –H&M

High waist denim –H&M

Converse Sneakers- Bloomingdales

Fanny Pack- Gucci

Clip on earrings- The Goodwill


228D5015-3138-416A-8124-95A15981F721  Day Five-
Where’d We Visit- Jardin Des Plantes( Garden) Menagerie du Jardin Des Plantes ( Zoo), Eiffel Tower Light show ( an amazing experience stood in silence and just soaked it all in and in that moment I realized how lucky I am to have made it to Paris with all my circumstances I have going on back in New York, truly grateful)


Where We Ate-

Mabillon Cafe- pasta again-delicious!

George Larnicol- Assorted Macaroons (must try the passion macaroon)



Outfit Details: Vintage Printed Top- Auh2o 

Denim Culottes- Free People

Gold Chain Belt- Acid Cupcakes

Gold Earrings- Aldo

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Day Six- I heard so many negative things about the food in France and I was so shocked every meal I had was great and then came Sunday. We checked out a random small French cafe ( Hello My Deer) for brunch, which consisted of your choice of a blended juice drink, sweet potato and coconut milk soup (sooooo good), & then came the entree with a speciality cheese served in France stuffed with cranberry and almonds, a salad, apple/pear jam, and bread. The cheese had a strong pungent smell definitely not my favorite but everything’s worth a try right ? And last we were served coffee and pastries to finish off the meal.

If you asked me if my experience of Paris was what I expected I would say no, not at all lol. This experience was ahmazinggggggg, but what I expected was completely opposite in terms of fashion. I noticed how simple everyone’s outfits were down to accessories & I looked at myself and I just screamed tourist lol at times I felt like the elephant in the room. Paris street style is very subtle, while everyone is walking around wearing all black and white kicks you can bet their entire outfit is more than likely designer but you won’t see a single label as oppose to New York where everyday is a flashy fashion show. Another great aspect I took away from Paris is not much goes to waste, everything used is very practical. Lights in the building of our Airbnb went off on their own when not needed, food is served in way smaller portions, and the trains run just about every 2 minutes compare that to a ” New York minute”. 


Click here to view full video of my experience.

Summer Makes A Come Back


Just when we all thought summer was over we were smacked in the face by 80 degree weather at the end of September ! Global warming is for sure making a hugeeeee impact on my closet! Having no idea we were going to get super warm temps again, I began my summer/fall closet transition only to find myself digging up my summer clothes right back out of storage. Although I’d take hotter temps over cold temps any day, I’d rather not be confused about what to wear heading into October. Continue reading



One of the most exciting times of the year for me has come and gone, NewYork Fashion Week! I can’t even put into words the amount of excitement that shoots through my body every September and February. This year’s fashion week has been extra special to me because I had the opportunity to actually work at the venues and see all the magic behind the scenes. Super early mornings (some without coffee) and 10/12 hour shifts never felt so good. My days consisted of setting up seating for each guest attending, setting up makeup and hair rooms throughout each venue and rearranging each gallery’s layout. Continue reading



As of lately, I’ve been attracted to anything Silk; pants, tops, scarves, skirts, literally anything. That should pretty much explain my excitement for this beautiful flowy champagne BCBG silk skirt. The moment I laid eyes on it, I pictured myself rocking this baby through the summer into fall. I could see myself dressing it down with a pair of converse or Stan smiths and a tee on a chill day or throwing on a pair of heels and a crop top to add some sexy to it. Continue reading