Happy New Year guys ! A few days ago I received an amazing word about joy. Since that day I can’t seem to shake the words spoken into me. So of course I have to share with you all!


Very often we either point out the negative parts of our journey, spend too much time complaining or just allow ourselves to soak in misery. I told myself going into this new year I would try my very best to find joy in every aspect of my life. Notice I said TRY, because I know I will have my days and that’s okay if you do too, we are human.


When I say find the joy in every situation by no means does that mean stick it out through situations you know just simply aren’t for you. I mean, In a tough time keep the faith and remind yourself all the fruits there will be for you at the end of this szn you may be experiencing. So if you’re in the middle of your journey towards a specific goal for yourself and things just aren’t going the way you planned, instead of throwing in the towel think of all the joy you will feel inside when you finally reach that goal and can look back at how far you’ve come. I know it sounds pretty cliche, but trust me there’s nothing like receiving the pay off from all your hard work.

Ps. If you could see the type of environment I was shooting in during these photos you’d truly understand me finding joy in EVERY situation.


Outfit Details: Teddy Bear Coat – Bloomingdales | Button Down Blouse – Vintage ( My Unique Thriftstore) | Plaid Pants – Vintage | Boots – Zara  | Leather Belt – Vintage ( The Goodwill)