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I am asked very frequently what camera do I use, who shoots my photos, and how do I shoot so many looks in a day. Well let’s jump right into it !

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As of lately, I’ve been getting more creative with my shoots and taking full control as I the photographer, creative director and makeup artist (LOL). But more long term, My girl Danilsa has been holding me down since 2017 and I can’t explain how grateful I am for her. She shoots with a professional Canon and drops all photos taken in my google drive. This allows me to choose my favorite photos and edit them to my liking ( she’s an angel for this). We work so well together it amazes me every time we shoot. I pitch an idea or vice versa and we just make it come to life. Don’t get me wrong there are times that our ideas don’t come out the way we planned but we take each down fall as a learning experience and push forward.


I do work a full time job so when it comes to shooting, I have to use my time sparingly. I usually shoot once or twice a month and lug around a bag full of about 3 to 4 different looks. I give myself a pat on the back each and every time a shoot is done and complete. I don’t have my own changing tent so sometimes I will run into a near by coffee shop and swindle them into letting me use the bathroom. Orrrr I get real creative and change right outside lol (crazy I know).


On this particular day, Dani who also works as a full time makeup artist wasn’t getting off of work until about 330/4. As we all know it gets dark outside super early these days so that left us with little to no time to shoot. We rushed our way uptown and immediately hit the street to shoot. If you ask me the shots came out bomb, there’s just something about pressure that forces me to deliver honey !