Mental Detox


This past week I’ve really been enjoying my time to myself, accidentally, if that makes sense ? I haven’t had the urge to be on social media as much as I normally do, I haven’t been hanging out as much as I normally would & if I have to be honest I haven’t really wanted to. This gave me lots of time to think and focus on what’s most important, myself! Sometimes we need a mental detox, even if that means missing out on the latest gossip or passing up a night out in the city. I’ve been pleasantly happy, without force, no second thoughts, just happy.



IMG_9580IMG_9585Photos By: Danilsa Rojas 

After this mental detox is over ( pretty soon ), I’ll be back to my old self but with three new promises I made to myself. (1) Eat healthy but try new ways while doing so to avoid getting bored with clean eating. (2) Stay away from any bad vibes I may feel & continue meditating. This promise means the absolute most to me because often times I second guess myself on how I’m feeling instead of going with my intuition. And last, making decisions without regrets. Every decision we make in life has an affect whether it be a good one or a bad one, they both are learning experiences. I want to make the decisions I decide to feeling 100 percent confident and prepared to learn from them & grow into a better woman day by day .


Outfit Details:

Top – Housing Works Thrift Shop

High Waisted Mom Jeans- AuH2o Thriftique 


Tan Leather Bag- The Goodwill Thrift Store


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