Social Media


Social media has grown so much over the years into something bigger than I ever thought it would be to me. For new fashion bloggers, social media is our stepping stone to creating & exposing our own brand. But not only is it a big deal for bloggers it’s a big deal for stylist, personal trainers, makeup artist, nail techs, chefs, photographers, sheesh, I can go on for days, you get my drift. With all the positive that can be absorbed from social media comes the negative.

I’ve been seeing so much body shaming, racial and ignorant remarks, culture appropriation, bullying, the list goes on. In a perfect world there wouldn’t be any of this going on but unfortunately there is & it sucks ! I’ve allowed myself to put so many things out there that I never thought I would, without a second thought. I express my pride for being African American, I love complimenting other females around me I see perfecting their craft, I’m very open about my bargain/thrift shopping (I will never be a label whore), & I’m getting more and more comfortable with my own body !


 Along the journey of discovering who you truly are you might make some changes that not everyone will agree with and that’s okay! I’ve accepted my imperfections & the ones I couldn’t accept I changed them, It’s that simple! However, I made these changes at my own digression, not because I seen all the “Instagram famous” girls doing it. If we had more people in the world focusing on how to improve/ love themselves we wouldn’t have so much hate & shaming going around. It’s a-okay to admire someone but put yourself on, reach for your own goals, & tell yourself everyday I am exactly who I was meant to be. People will slowly start to notice your authenticity & appreciate your message. Real recognizes real.


Outfit Details:

Floral Print DressLucy Paris (Bloomingdales)

Black Laceup BootiesMacy’s (On major sale right now !!)



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