5 Ways To Better Days


This past week I took a lot of time to myself to think deep and hard about a few things. Some negative & some positive, both playing a big part in my life. Along this journey of becoming a better me, I’ve concentrated a lot on how to change my mood in any negative situation and turn it into a positive. How can that be done you might ask ? Here are 5 ways to get out of a funk and start your journey to living your best life.



1. Meditate- Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking, and just last year I was thinking the same. Believe it or not, as spiritual as I wanna be, I’ve actually just began my journey in the meditating world. I couldn’t imagine sitting in a position longer than 5 minutes allowing my mind to wonder, but meditating is just so much more than that. You’re physically allowing your mind and body to be at ease from the crazy chaotic world we live in for a few moments, and doing so will allow you to regroup and reconcile your day to day dilemmas. Don’t knock it till you try it!


2. Plan A Getaway- I believe in the power of travel, as cliche as that may sound, it’s true. Whenever things get too tough and over whelming I like to plan a getaway. Whether that be 2 days or 10 days, a get-away is a getaway. I love traveling to new places and experiencing different ways of life and cultures. Let’s be honest living in New York City, is not easy at all but when you’re able to experience other people’s ways of life and see the enjoyment and happiness they share even in the worst situations, you begin to question your own situations. The moment I’m beginning to feel a little unappreciative of what I have, I think of my past travels and my experiences, and tell myself every hardship given to me was made for me.



3. Treat Yo Self-  No but seriously, find the time in your busy schedule and do or buy whatever it is that truly makes you happy. I’m talking about shopping, spa day, a tattoo, bungee jumping, whatever makes you truly happy, do it. We deserve a little self indulging here and there, it’s harmless. Often times we focus so much on making others happy, we put our own happiness on the back burner. It is okay to smoother yourself in your own enjoyments here and there.


4. Get Rid of Old Baggage- The whole ” out with the old in with the new” saying is a real life thing yah know? Everyone has a different way of releasing old baggage/ bad toxins from their lives. Whether that be to chop off your hair ( I had my fair share in this activity), actively attending the gym, spring cleaning, or simply changing their phone number. My thing at the moment is ” seasonal closet cleaning”, not so much spring cleaning because I do this much more often than one season. I often look through my closet at pieces I may have once loved before but grew apart from or simply don’t want to be reminded of a memory I once had in that piece. I would pile up my clothes and throw them straight in the dumpster, until I discovered reselling thrift shops and sites like Poshmark (click here) or Depop (click here), giving others the opportunity to purchase an awesome piece I once loved.



5. Positive Affirmations- A positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything“. Look yourself in the face every morning when you wake up and tell yourself you are great, strong, beautiful, loveable, and all thee above.  Speak it into existence, and watch the magic unfold. But most imporantly, try not to be so hard on yourself, leave the negativity behind you. You are your best when you believe it.

Outfit Details:

Printed Romper- Forever 21

Distressed Denim Jacket – Urban Outfitters- Levis (distressed by me)

Black Suede Booties-  DSWDolce Vita 

Black Leather Belt- Ltrain Vintage 

Silver Necklace- H&M

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