The past few days I’ve really been thinking hard about comfort. As in, what are you comfortable with in your life at the moment ? Plenty of times we achieve a goal in our lives and we become comfortable with it instead of pushing ourselves for an even greater accomplishment. The thought of me feeling so comfortable with myself knowing there’s so much more to life, scares the shit out of me. Therefore, when I get this feeling of “comfort” I find a way to make my self uncomfortable. Discomfort keeps me on my toes, makes me more aware, and allows me to evolve into something even greater.





On this journey of becoming a successful fashion blogger, I’ve come head to head with so many uncomfortable situations you wouldn’t even imagine. Some situations that for others may be no biggie but for me my anxiety was at an all time high. I’ve always been a shy person, I kinda learned how to express myself without words but through my sense of style. Little did I know in order to get out there and be discovered, I needed to do a lot of networking, socializing, and even asking for a favor or two. I’m slowly breaking out of my shell and learning people are either going to love me for the person I am or not, and if they don’t that’s fine by me. I’m not for everyone and everyone isn’t for me. The most challenging part of my journey, is the whole favor for a favor type of deal, I absolutely hate asking for help even if it’s the smallest favor (it’s an Aries pride thing). I’ve been lucky enough to meet and even work with some amazing people that I appreciate so much! This is just the beginning so bring on the nerve racking, heart racing, sweaty palm discomfort, I’m ready for it all.






In fact, I stepped out of my comfort zone on this very day strutting my stuff down the street with a full face of absolute magic ! ( Thanks to my photographer & pro artist friend Danilsa Rojas). And of course the outfit needed to match this amazing beat, I thought to myself ” hey why not just keep pushing past my comfort zone“. I wore a bright yellow plunging neck lined body suit I purchased at The GoodWill for only 5 Bucks ! A navy silk floral robe also purchased from The Goodwill for a whopping 7 bucks, distressed high waist jeans from H&M, and tan suede sandals from Public Desire .


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