Trender Bender

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If you’re anything like me, using and abusing trends is what you probably do best. I loveeee a good trend but what I love more is adding my own twist to it, that’s where the thrift shopping aspect comes in.

Lately I’ve been on an innovative-improvising-intuitive kick, get me? I’ve been repurposing my button up shirts, taking a bad hair day and accessorizing it to make a good hair day & on a hunttttt for anything vintage. Here’s a list of my latest & greatest trends that you probably have already noticed.

1. Silk scarves !!!! Omfg I’m obsesseddddd! I love a good vintage silk scarf. I use them as chokers/neck ties, a head wrap, a belt/waist tie, even a top. They make for the best add on accessory for a simple/ plan outfit.

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2. Bobbi pins – when I’m feeling lazy and I don’t really want to do my hair but I hate the typical ponytail/bun I like to add a few colored Bobbi pins to my hair to create a chic look.
3. Button up shirts – I never loved button up shirts as much as I do now, when I discovered all the different ways they could be worn ( like the pictures below) I reconsidered getting rid of the ones I already owned.

FullSizeRender 22

FullSizeRender 28

FullSizeRender 16IMG_9640

4. Sunnies – I love sunglasses like any other girl BUT I loveeeee a vintage pair, Preferably from the 70’s/90’s era. I haven’t had much luck finding them while thrift shopping but etsy & eBay work just as well. Trending right now are the large oval sunnies inspired by the late 80’s era and the super small colored lens sunnies from the 90’s

5. Mules !!! I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pair of sandals as much as I love mules, they give me the bees knees. They are so comfy yet Chic, you can literally throw them on with any outfit. I plan to have a pair in as many colors as possible.



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