Ever felt defeated ? Like no matter what you do, no matter how positive and hopeful you are, you find yourself in a situation that just seems to get worst ? Well if you don’t you’re clearly not human and need to tell me what planet you’re living on. Every now and then I get this feeling inside and it truly sucks ass! For a period of time last year I was thrown so many curve balls I should’ve thrown in the towel by now. However, I promised myself this year I would try to do and think differently when I start to get this defeated feeling.


What a perfect blog post when I’m feeling this exact way at this exact moment ! Often times I feel like we focus so much on the negativity in our lives or situations we can’t change overnight instead of gearing our attention towards our blessings. To relieve myself from this sucky feeling I usually find happiness in shopping. As I’m shopping, I instantly feel a sense of gratification that I’m able to provide for myself, which then makes me appreciate having a job, even if it’s not quiet the dream job. As I’m looking at my new purchases and creating looks, I am reminded how awesome my blogging path is going & what great experiences are soon to come.

Photos Taken By: Danilsa Rojas

Little by little each situation I might’ve once been stressed out about is becoming less and less IMPORTANT. You are in control of what makes you tick, what grinds your gears & what’s able to stress you the f*ck out BUT if we just took a moment or two before each and everyone of these “tragedies” & accept it as a milestone, knowing “this too shall pass” life will get a little easier. I promise


Outfit Details:

White Off The Shoulder Blouse – Do+Be 

Skinny Jeans – Blank Nyc 

Tan Suede Tassel Mules – Esprit (On super Sale now)

Straw Hat – St. Marks Street 

Chokers/Necklaces Aldo’s

Multi Colored Bracelet – Goodwill Thrift Store


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2 thoughts on “Defeated?

  1. Renona July 27, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    I can totally relate to feeling defeated but we gotta stay strong 💪🏽 and keep going, because giving up is so easy. Keep fighting warrior👊🏾💯❤️


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