Hello Spring


I wanted to take the time to discuss something that means so much to me. Something that seems so simple yet challenges us everyday as human beings, happiness.

I truly believe a little bit of happiness is all we need to get us by in such a chaotic world. Learning what truly makes you happy is life’s key to a healthy time here on earth. What makes you jump for joy or lights the fire to your flame may not be the same for the next, and that’s okay ! Embracing your individuality only encourages us to accept others for who they truly are. Find your happiness & drown in it, you owe it to yourself.




Gardens will forever be my happy place. Something as simple as taking a stroll through a garden filled with natures beauty, warms my heart. It’s just something so peaceful and serene about them I can’t shake. Gardens remind me of life, literally. The plants, flowers, grass & trees born into the world every spring,blooming into beautiful existence through the summer & wearying away come fall/winter & the cycle repeats itself.







Photos By : George Parente

Make the time to do what it is that makes you happy, even if you have to do it alone. A little alone time never hurt anybody.

White Long Sleeve Frill Top – Zara
Floral Slip Dress- L Train Vintage 
Velvet Burgundy Booties- DSW (Madden Girl, MAJOR SALE!! )
Chokers – Aldo

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