Six Days In Pari-dise


Returning back to the states is bitter sweet, but the most exciting part of returning is being able to share my experience with you guys. Paris has ALWAYS been at the top of my vacation bucket list, but for a long time it seemed only a dream. When I finally found the courage to go, I just took a leap of faith & booked my flight with one of my dear friends. A “leap of faith” meaning I didn’t ask or care for anyone’s opinion, I didn’t broadcast my flight confirmation on social media, heck I waited an entire month to tell my own parents.Take a trip with me down memory as I share details of my trip day by day! Continue reading


Summer Makes A Come Back


Just when we all thought summer was over we were smacked in the face by 80 degree weather at the end of September ! Global warming is for sure making a hugeeeee impact on my closet! Having no idea we were going to get super warm temps again, I began my summer/fall closet transition only to find myself digging up my summer clothes right back out of storage. Although I’d take hotter temps over cold temps any day, I’d rather not be confused about what to wear heading into October. Continue reading



One of the most exciting times of the year for me has come and gone, NewYork Fashion Week! I can’t even put into words the amount of excitement that shoots through my body every September and February. This year’s fashion week has been extra special to me because I had the opportunity to actually work at the venues and see all the magic behind the scenes. Super early mornings (some without coffee) and 10/12 hour shifts never felt so good. My days consisted of setting up seating for each guest attending, setting up makeup and hair rooms throughout each venue and rearranging each gallery’s layout. Continue reading



As of lately, I’ve been attracted to anything Silk; pants, tops, scarves, skirts, literally anything. That should pretty much explain my excitement for this beautiful flowy champagne BCBG silk skirt. The moment I laid eyes on it, I pictured myself rocking this baby through the summer into fall. I could see myself dressing it down with a pair of converse or Stan smiths and a tee on a chill day or throwing on a pair of heels and a crop top to add some sexy to it. Continue reading

Dear Summer;


As we approach the end of summer, it’s only right I dedicate this blog post to my favorite season of the year. I’m am 100 percent a spring/summer person, I love the sun beaming down on me, the comforting breeze during summer night walks, and the picnics by the water surrounded by natures beauty, I love it all. I can not stress how much I dwell on fall/winter, I instantly go into hibernation mode. Don’t get me wrong fall/winter fashion gives me the bees knees but the thought of me being able to just throw on my favorite sun dress and sandals, beats a heavy winter coat any day. Continue reading



I remember just a few years ago how big of a deal jeans were to me. I literally only wore super skinny black jeans, if they weren’t skinny I wasn’t wearing them. As time passed, I began wearing boyfriend/girlfriend jeans and eventually high waist mom jeans. Now, I practically walk past every pair of jeans in site when shopping. Don’t get me wrong, jeans are the easiest thing to throw on when all else fails but I’m okay with a little challenge when it comes to my outfits. Skirts, dresses, jumpers/rompers have been my go to’s lately. I feel less restricted and more myself. Continue reading

Shopping In The Men’s Section


If it isn’t easy to figure out I LOVE being a female, this post right here should finalize that thought. Yeah we have our tough days that I’m sure men will NEVER understand or be able to relate but that just makes us even more magical. Any who, when it comes to fashion, being a female is so much moreee intriguing. I mean we can kill it in the simpliest outfit when paired with the right killer heels & accessories but if you’re versatile like me, I like to throw on some kicks and an oversized men’s shirt, jacket, jeans, shorts, you name it! If it fits me then it works, men’s or women’s. Continue reading