Ever felt defeated ? Like no matter what you do, no matter how positive and hopeful you are, you find yourself in a situation that just seems to get worst ? Well if you don’t you’re clearly not human and need to tell me what planet you’re living on. Every now and then I get this feeling inside and it truly sucks ass! For a period of time last year I was thrown so many curve balls I should’ve thrown in the towel by now. However, I promised myself this year I would try to do and think differently when I start to get this defeated feeling. Continue reading


Mental Detox


This past week I’ve really been enjoying my time to myself, accidentally, if that makes sense ? I haven’t had the urge to be on social media as much as I normally do, I haven’t been hanging out as much as I normally would & if I have to be honest I haven’t really wanted to. This gave me lots of time to think and focus on what’s most important, myself! Sometimes we need a mental detox, even if that means missing out on the latest gossip or passing up a night out in the city. I’ve been pleasantly happy, without force, no second thoughts, just happy. Continue reading



The past few days I’ve really been thinking hard about comfort. As in, what are you comfortable with in your life at the moment ? Plenty of times we achieve a goal in our lives and we become comfortable with it instead of pushing ourselves for an even greater accomplishment. The thought of me feeling so comfortable with myself knowing there’s so much more to life, scares the shit out of me. Therefore, when I get this feeling of “comfort” I find a way to make my self uncomfortable. Discomfort keeps me on my toes, makes me more aware, and allows me to evolve into something even greater. Continue reading

California Dreams


Ugh finally some warm weather is coming in ! I totally take back all those times I bragged in February & March for the unusually warm temps! It feels like we’ve been battling April showers for most of May and now June. Not only has the rain put a damper on my mood and vibe it’s totally ruined my time to share some summer outfits. I have no clue what exactly is going on with the weather in New York but It’s given me no choice but to dwell on living some where much warmer. Continue reading

5 Ways To Better Days


This past week I took a lot of time to myself to think deep and hard about a few things. Some negative & some positive, both playing a big part in my life. Along this journey of becoming a better me, I’ve concentrated a lot on how to change my mood in any negative situation and turn it into a positive. How can that be done you might ask ? Here are 5 ways to get out of a funk and start your journey to living your best life. Continue reading

Fashion Muses

While constantly dibbling and dabbling in different styles of fashion, I can’t help but admire those who have established they’re “look” & massacre the shit out of it. I love an effortless/carefree look & I love a person that can say you know what, this is what I feel like wearing and i don’t care if it’s too revealing, too over the top or not trendy enough. I’m all about embracing your true self & killing shit while you do it. Here’s a few of my absolute favorite woman in fashion, that no matter what the trend is, solidify their personal style.

1. Rihanna Continue reading

3 Ways To Style A Denim Dress


If you know me you know I just love a bargain, I mean who doesn’t ? What I love even more?Finding a statement piece that can be worn several different ways. A little while ago browsing through H&M,  I stumbled upon a beautiful full length, long-sleeved DENIM dress & it was love at first sight. When I flipped the tag open and seen $79.99 slashed out by a 50 percent off sticker I lost my shit. I knew this dress, perfect for almost every season, had to be apart of my wardrobe. I decided to make this blog post about 3 different ways to pull off your favorite denim dress for any occasion. Continue reading