Let’s Talk About Sex Baby


Sex…appeal that is. A subject I almost never touch or feel fits me. Partnering with HiddenFashion to create this look, definitely took me out of my comfort zone & made me realize I do in fact embody sex appeal. This pale pink blazer dress showed off just the right amount of skin without over exposing me. I paired it with a pale pink lace bra, fishnet tights, my favorite black fanny pack and these beautiful deep red patent leather lace up booties also from Hiddenfashion.


I realized sex appeal only lives where confidence resides, and that for sure I do have. However, my confidence didn’t happen overnight, In fact at one point of my life I was very insecure about a lot of things. Observing those around me and comparing myself, dealing with a negative and verbally unhealthy relationship, & social media (of course) put me in a world wind of self doubt & lack of confidence. The time I took to rebuild my confidence back up was used on reading uplifting & confidence boosting books, cleaning out my closet (literally), tossing away any relationship I felt unsure of and learning how to enjoy my time alone. The biggest change I needed to make in order to welcome in confidence is let go of any doubts Lingering in my head.




Adventure Time

3F53040D-F1B4-4F47-9601-65DE04316BDBAs of lately, I’ve been doing so much thinking, searching, and a little healthy stressing ( if that makes sense). Turning 27 in a few weeks and I can’t stop thinking about my future and what it holds. The beautiful thing about your future is you have full control over how it turns out.

4B822A27-8BB1-4B04-9BB8-6727FD1B969748F87DE5-AB68-42E0-B02A-E2DED98645A489F573A1-4005-4665-987A-83DCC37C6AE4While so many people around me are settling down and welcoming marriage or motherhood I can’t help but think even more about my goals in life. My number one goal is to be my own boss, as cliche as that might sound, it’s so true. I want to invest myself in so many things I’ve never even imagined but baby steps are key. Last week I revealed on my insta story I would finally be working on a project I’ve been dying to work on but always stopped myself due to self doubt. I’ve kinda let the fear of loosing money and failing hinder my decision to go forward with my ideas.

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And then just like that I woke up one morning and thought to myself, how the hell would I ever know if I don’t at least try ? The most successful people in the world have failed before right ? In order to win some you gotta loose some right? RIGHT! With that being said, I am so excited for what’s to come and to share with you guys what this project will entail. So here I am about to dive head first into my first business venture, wish me well.

Photographs Taken By: Danilsa Rojas


What I’m Wearing:

Faux Fur Coat- BB Dakota

High Waist Nude Pants- The Fifth Label 

Nude Turtle Neck- Boohoo

White Booties- Target


Happy Valentines Day

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One of my favorite holidays is finally here, Valentine’s Day! Last year I talked about the power of getting to know oneself and learning to love yourself no matter the circumstance. This year I’m so happy to say I’m no longer learning but obsessing over the person I’ve grown into.

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Over just a year so many things have changed for me, due to me finally embracing who I truly am and what I want out of my friendships, relationships, jobs (still working on that part) and well, life. Every change I’ve made I only made with the best intentions for myself. I learned to be a little less sensitive and a bit more assertive, to speak my mind but make no excuses for those I’ve repeated myself to too many times, allow people in my life that add to my growth and rid those that take away from it, and last, live my best goddamn life.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetPhotos taken by : Danilsa Rojas 

I’m exploding with joy, love, and affection these days and anyone that comes in my perimeter is bound to be suffocated by it. While I may not be spending this Valentine’s Day alone 😉, you better believe I’ve taken a day or two, to myself to binge in my own self care bubble. HAPPY Valentines Day ❤️


& So I Creep

EDA25BB7-D997-4101-A680-FFE32434E422I’ve always been a gold girl, never even looked twice at anything silver or white gold. But as of lately I’ve been into silver metallics like crazy. Metallic skirts, dresses, jackets, bags, and of course shoes and boots. Doing a random “pick me up” shopping at Zara, I found these metallic babies that immediately caught my eye. Just my luck Zara was having one of their blow out sales and I was able to snag these heavenly metallic gems for a whopping 20 bucks ! The platform sole reminded me a bit of the silver Stella Mccartney elyse creepers Continue reading

Through the trenches


On a hunt for the perfect trench coat was super tricky and it took me some time before I discovered this one. I was on the fence with this baby because of it’s suede exterior, I instantly thought of myself getting caught in the rain and destroying the buttery soft fabric. But once I actually tried it on, all my negative thoughts went away! After all, most trench coats I try on give me that motherly look which I hate ! This one had the perfect fit and looked great opened or closed and not to my surprise, was super warm. If you’ve had the same issues with finding the perfect fitting trench coat, have no fear Ebony’s here ! ( lol ) Below I’ve listed the many other trench coats that caught my eye on the journey to finding the perfect one for me. Enjoy !

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Q&A Time

E3BABDA5-DCC4-4A4A-A8CB-91E18ADA3F7DAlthough thanksgiving is long gone, I still can’t shake the feeling of gratefulness I felt this year ! Family has always meant the world to me, even if it’s just a small group of us, makes our bond even tighter. With that being said, most people that don’t know much about me would assume “the curly headed girl that looks just like you” is my older sister but instead we are first cousins (basically means sisters). We  are literally ying & yang, absolute opposites yet the perfect duo. Check out exactly how different we are while reading a little Q&A time from us both ! 

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French Connection

24BE3311-1EA9-42FC-9755-9C8C90C25A51So now that I’m back from Paris & have been obnoxiously posting Eiffel Tower photos,I came back to New York to my new promotion at work. I’m not even going to get into how exhausting retail can be, we all know it. But there’s something about working with a brand I have been familiar with since a child & watching their evolvement over the years that eases the anxiety of working in 1 of New York’s tourist attractions.

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