As of lately, thrifting has been put on the back burner due to these 40 hour work weeks I’ve been facing. And yet some how I still find a way to shop vintage. Lately Poshmark has been my go-to! For shopping & selling.

If you’ve ever attempted to sell some old pieces at any buy-sell-trade shops you already know how that goes. I usually only waste my time juggling clothes & shoes downtown when I know I’m going to trade my items in for theirs, other than that you can forget it ! Receiving a stinking 5 bucks for my once 50 dollar pair of jeans is a smack in the face, tbh.

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As a teenager EBay was the only online shop I knew of to sell/buy vintage items, so learning the odds and ends to poshmark was a breeze. I quickly began to make a profit for my used items I no longer wanted. Not only have I been able to make some mula, I’ve come across
some pretty amazing pieces, like these clear framed, red lense, vintage sunnies for only 5 bucks ! What a steal !


Outfit Details:

Vintage 90’s SunglassesPoshmark

Vintage T-shirt Buffalo Exchange (distressing done by me)

High Waist Belted PantZara

Faux Leather Moto JacketShein Official

White ConverseBloomingdales




Recently while browsing through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon a quote that said ” the greatest form of art is a humans ability to reinvent oneself”. I don’t think I could agree with a statement more than this one. When I read this quote it meant so much more to me than just changing my style because a trend report called for it.


Have you ever been through a heart wrenching change in your life you never thought you would make it through? Maybe a bad breakup ? Or death in your family, losing your job, or even a financial crisis? Well, this girl right here went through each one of these challenges this past year. Despite how hopeless I felt at certain points I knew better was soon to come. I fell into some very sad places, I experienced anxiety issues I never ever had & my insecurities were out the roof. It took me some time to gain my confidence back and rid myself of any insecurities I might’ve been battling with. Towards the end of what I thought would be mission impossible I decided to change my eating habits, chop off my hair, and clean out my closet. A blunt cut is just what I needed to make me feel how I’ve been DIEING to feel- sexy, confident, and mature. This blunt cut made me feel even more in tune with my 90’s soul. And just like that, vintage shopping just got a little bit more amazing for me.

IMG_4457IMG_4456IMG_4459Photos By:Danilsa Rojas 

Outfit Details:

-Grey Wool Blazer- The Urban Jungle

-Vintage Mom Jeans & Brown Leather Belt – L train Vintage

-Black Heels- Zara 

– Red Leather Shoulder Bag- Vintage

– Hoop Clip On Earrings & Rings – Auh20


Summer Makes A Come Back


Just when we all thought summer was over we were smacked in the face by 80 degree weather at the end of September ! Global warming is for sure making a hugeeeee impact on my closet! Having no idea we were going to get super warm temps again, I began my summer/fall closet transition only to find myself digging up my summer clothes right back out of storage. Although I’d take hotter temps over cold temps any day, I’d rather not be confused about what to wear heading into October.


With that being said, as I headed out into Brooklyn on this 88 degree day, i threw on one of my comfiest ASTR button up tops, a denim wrap skirt I decided to distress to add some personality (purchased from the goodwill), white chucks I’m successfully dirting with every wear (Bloomingdales) and this beautiful red faux leather cross body bag also purchased from the goodwill. While summer temps seem like they aren’t going anywhere any time soon I will be finding ways to transition my summer clothes into fall outfits.

IMG_4505IMG_4477IMG_4480Photos By:Danilsa Rojas

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One of the most exciting times of the year for me has come and gone, NewYork Fashion Week! I can’t even put into words the amount of excitement that shoots through my body every September and February. This year’s fashion week has been extra special to me because I had the opportunity to actually work at the venues and see all the magic behind the scenes. Super early mornings (some without coffee) and 10/12 hour shifts never felt so good. My days consisted of setting up seating for each guest attending, setting up makeup and hair rooms throughout each venue and rearranging each gallery’s layout.


Aside from the typical glitz and glam of fashion week, a huge factor stuck out to me that probably wouldn’t have if I was attending and not working. Because assistants aren’t allowed to use their phones while working (no pictures or videos) I was able to fully, 100 percent enjoy each fashion show as opposed to being on social media, worried about my cameras lighting, trying to preserve my battery, uploading boomerangs, basically everything that comes with being 26 in this generation. I mean, I get it, it’s fashion week, you threw on your best heels and you’re sitting amongst some of the biggest names out there BUT are you truly enjoying the experience?


Photos Taken By: Mylo Butler

As I looked around during each show I could see people snapping away and recording ANY and everything passing them by. I thought to myself does she even know what show this is? Or does he actually like that dress? Or is it just something to post on social media and hashtag NYFW? For once, I enjoyed not being on my phone worried about everything else besides the creations I actually came to see. In fact, I’d take this experience each and every time I possibly can, unless I have front row seats next Anna Wintour then we’re talking about something completely different !


Outfit Details:

Satin Floral Pajama Set- Band Of Gypsys (Found at Bloomingdales)

Coral Suede Heels- Zara

SunglassesPink Penguin Inc. 


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Dear Summer;


As we approach the end of summer, it’s only right I dedicate this blog post to my favorite season of the year. I’m am 100 percent a spring/summer person, I love the sun beaming down on me, the comforting breeze during summer night walks, and the picnics by the water surrounded by natures beauty, I love it all. I can not stress how much I dwell on fall/winter, I instantly go into hibernation mode. Don’t get me wrong fall/winter fashion gives me the bees knees but the thought of me being able to just throw on my favorite sun dress and sandals, beats a heavy winter coat any day. Continue reading

Social Media


Social media has grown so much over the years into something bigger than I ever thought it would be to me. For new fashion bloggers, social media is our stepping stone to creating & exposing our own brand. But not only is it a big deal for bloggers it’s a big deal for stylist, personal trainers, makeup artist, nail techs, chefs, photographers, sheesh, I can go on for days, you get my drift. With all the positive that can be absorbed from social media comes the negative. Continue reading



Ever felt defeated ? Like no matter what you do, no matter how positive and hopeful you are, you find yourself in a situation that just seems to get worst ? Well if you don’t you’re clearly not human and need to tell me what planet you’re living on. Every now and then I get this feeling inside and it truly sucks ass! For a period of time last year I was thrown so many curve balls I should’ve thrown in the towel by now. However, I promised myself this year I would try to do and think differently when I start to get this defeated feeling. Continue reading

California Dreams


Ugh finally some warm weather is coming in ! I totally take back all those times I bragged in February & March for the unusually warm temps! It feels like we’ve been battling April showers for most of May and now June. Not only has the rain put a damper on my mood and vibe it’s totally ruined my time to share some summer outfits. I have no clue what exactly is going on with the weather in New York but It’s given me no choice but to dwell on living some where much warmer. Continue reading