Take Him For What He’s Got

0D643DE3-2207-4ECB-BFA1-C637460D7587Every guy knows when he gets into a relationship to expect hoodies to become his and his girlfriends. But for many girls like my self, we aren’t only interested in the hoodies anymore. Since oversized and comfy fits have become more & more on trend, I’ve been dipping and diving in men’s wear, if it works it works.


What might some of these pieces be you ask ? Well, men’s blazers tend to all have shoulder pads which add the perfect amount of masculinity to your fit. To make it a little more fitting in the waist area you can tie a belt or even a fanny pack around your waist like I did. Crew neck sweaters that may fit extra roomie on him could be the perfect sweater dress on you . Since the bagger the better has become the norm, throw on a pair of his sweat pants with a tight fitting crop top and some booties. And of course you guys all know of the over sized button up off the shoulders trick. So ladies grab a guy and take him for what he’s got…. in his closet.


Pictures taken by: Danilsa Rojas


Outfit Details:

Turtleneck Sweater- Banana Republic

Vintage Men’s Blazer – L train Vintage

Thigh High Boots- Public Desire

Vintage Leather Fanny Pack- Poshmark

Gold Earrings- Aldo’s




As of lately, I’ve been attracted to anything Silk; pants, tops, scarves, skirts, literally anything. That should pretty much explain my excitement for this beautiful flowy champagne BCBG silk skirt. The moment I laid eyes on it, I pictured myself rocking this baby through the summer into fall. I could see myself dressing it down with a pair of converse or Stan smiths and a tee on a chill day or throwing on a pair of heels and a crop top to add some sexy to it. Continue reading



I remember just a few years ago how big of a deal jeans were to me. I literally only wore super skinny black jeans, if they weren’t skinny I wasn’t wearing them. As time passed, I began wearing boyfriend/girlfriend jeans and eventually high waist mom jeans. Now, I practically walk past every pair of jeans in site when shopping. Don’t get me wrong, jeans are the easiest thing to throw on when all else fails but I’m okay with a little challenge when it comes to my outfits. Skirts, dresses, jumpers/rompers have been my go to’s lately. I feel less restricted and more myself. Continue reading

Shopping In The Men’s Section


If it isn’t easy to figure out I LOVE being a female, this post right here should finalize that thought. Yeah we have our tough days that I’m sure men will NEVER understand or be able to relate but that just makes us even more magical. Any who, when it comes to fashion, being a female is so much moreee intriguing. I mean we can kill it in the simpliest outfit when paired with the right killer heels & accessories but if you’re versatile like me, I like to throw on some kicks and an oversized men’s shirt, jacket, jeans, shorts, you name it! If it fits me then it works, men’s or women’s. Continue reading

Mental Detox


This past week I’ve really been enjoying my time to myself, accidentally, if that makes sense ? I haven’t had the urge to be on social media as much as I normally do, I haven’t been hanging out as much as I normally would & if I have to be honest I haven’t really wanted to. This gave me lots of time to think and focus on what’s most important, myself! Sometimes we need a mental detox, even if that means missing out on the latest gossip or passing up a night out in the city. I’ve been pleasantly happy, without force, no second thoughts, just happy. Continue reading



The past few days I’ve really been thinking hard about comfort. As in, what are you comfortable with in your life at the moment ? Plenty of times we achieve a goal in our lives and we become comfortable with it instead of pushing ourselves for an even greater accomplishment. The thought of me feeling so comfortable with myself knowing there’s so much more to life, scares the shit out of me. Therefore, when I get this feeling of “comfort” I find a way to make my self uncomfortable. Discomfort keeps me on my toes, makes me more aware, and allows me to evolve into something even greater. Continue reading

5 Ways To Better Days


This past week I took a lot of time to myself to think deep and hard about a few things. Some negative & some positive, both playing a big part in my life. Along this journey of becoming a better me, I’ve concentrated a lot on how to change my mood in any negative situation and turn it into a positive. How can that be done you might ask ? Here are 5 ways to get out of a funk and start your journey to living your best life. Continue reading



If you had to describe your style in one word, what word would that be ? This is literally the hardest question I’ve ever been asked !(I’m not kidding) I admire anyone that could confidently answer that question without a second thought. I would describe my style as RAW, if that makes sense. Raw meaning, I wear what I feel like wearing, without anyone’s permission. Continue reading