All About The Skin

As much as it might not feel like it in New York, warmer weather is soon coming our way. I am no pro AT ALL in skincare , but I do know what works best for my skin, especially in the summer ! And because I am frequently asked what skincare products I use, I decided to take some time to dedicate this blog post towards some of my favorite skin care products.

IMG_8080I’ll start off with eye cream ! Sure there are some amazing concealers out there that can get the job done quick and easy but for long term EFFECTIVE results, your best friend is eye cream! Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream is my long time favorite ! And what’s the best part ? It works for all skin types ❤️ I loveeee this eye cream, I immediately see results from the moment I apply it on. This “morning after” eye cream, is formulated with coffee beans, perfect for waking up, refreshing, and restoring dreary skin. Continue reading