California Dreams


Ugh finally some warm weather is coming in ! I totally take back all those times I bragged in February & March for the unusually warm temps! It feels like we’ve been battling April showers for most of May and now June. Not only has the rain put a damper on my mood and vibe it’s totally ruined my time to share some summer outfits. I have no clue what exactly is going on with the weather in New York but It’s given me no choice but to dwell on living some where much warmer.




I am such a summer-flower loving-beach bumming- roof top hopper that all I can dream of is Cali. I’m sure we all have went on vacation some where that made us reconsider returning back home. That place for me is California! I took a last minute unplanned 3 day vacation to L.A. about 3 summers ago & its been on my mind since. I lovedddd the free spirited vibes I felt everywhere I wandered, along with the warm & dry air ( if you live in New York you know how hectic the humidity can get). I felt right at home, in just 3 days I was convinced this is where I was meant to be.





                   Photos by: Danilsa Rojas 

While discussing my visit & my excitement with other past California residents now living in New York, I received a lot of negative feedback about LA in particular. Everyone pretty much agreed they could see me in Cali but not Necessarily Los Angeles, they suggested I visit other areas like Palm Springs, San Francisco, & San Diego before I commit to moving to Cali. So I guess I’ll have to re-write my vacation bucket list & add in an adventurous road trip around Cali in the mean time. Dude where’s my car ?


Outfit Details:

Denim Levi Shorts- No Relation Vintage 

White Tee- Urban Outfitters

Burgundy Peep Toe Booties- Ego

Silk Scarf- The Salvation Army

Tan Leather Bag- Vintage Coach


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Flowers Are Never Just Flowers


If you know me well you know how obsessed with plants & flowers I am, no like seriously OBSESSED. The only problem is I’m still trying to figure out if I actually have a green thumb ? Ironic huh? I guess this is the reason I love spring & summer. 

I recently flipped through the pages of the newest Elle magazine featuring my woman crush, Zoe Kravitz , when I stumbled upon an article called ” Flowers are never just flowers” and I was immediately intrigued.


Flowers have such a deeper meaning than just something pretty to look at. Have you ever realized how much meaning they hold ? They’re used as a grieving gift when a death may occur, as an apology to a loved one, finessing the shit out a first date, perfecting a weddings decor, adding color or flavor to food, and the list can go on for hours.




On this beautiful day roaming the lower east side I paid a visit to one of my favorite hidden gardens. I wore a men’s vintage button down shirt that I actually wore off one shoulder and used the sleeve as a waist tie. I paired the button down with my absolute FAVORITE Jbrand wide leg jeans. Jbrand jeans are seriously the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn, they fit like a glove and really accentuate your curves. On my feet I wore a pair of tan suede lace up sandals from Public Desire and of course I paired the look with my newest thrift shop pickup. If you follow me on Instagram, I bragged about my new wicker basket bag I recently discovered sitting on a shelf at the Goodwill for only 2.99! If you don’t thrift shop, girl you need to get up, get out and get something !



IMG_9575Photos By: Danilsa Rojas


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5 Ways To Better Days


This past week I took a lot of time to myself to think deep and hard about a few things. Some negative & some positive, both playing a big part in my life. Along this journey of becoming a better me, I’ve concentrated a lot on how to change my mood in any negative situation and turn it into a positive. How can that be done you might ask ? Here are 5 ways to get out of a funk and start your journey to living your best life. Continue reading

Fashion Muses

While constantly dibbling and dabbling in different styles of fashion, I can’t help but admire those who have established they’re “look” & massacre the shit out of it. I love an effortless/carefree look & I love a person that can say you know what, this is what I feel like wearing and i don’t care if it’s too revealing, too over the top or not trendy enough. I’m all about embracing your true self & killing shit while you do it. Here’s a few of my absolute favorite woman in fashion, that no matter what the trend is, solidify their personal style.

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3 Ways To Style A Denim Dress


If you know me you know I just love a bargain, I mean who doesn’t ? What I love even more?Finding a statement piece that can be worn several different ways. A little while ago browsing through H&M,  I stumbled upon a beautiful full length, long-sleeved DENIM dress & it was love at first sight. When I flipped the tag open and seen $79.99 slashed out by a 50 percent off sticker I lost my shit. I knew this dress, perfect for almost every season, had to be apart of my wardrobe. I decided to make this blog post about 3 different ways to pull off your favorite denim dress for any occasion. Continue reading

All About The Skin

As much as it might not feel like it in New York, warmer weather is soon coming our way. I am no pro AT ALL in skincare , but I do know what works best for my skin, especially in the summer ! And because I am frequently asked what skincare products I use, I decided to take some time to dedicate this blog post towards some of my favorite skin care products.

IMG_8080I’ll start off with eye cream ! Sure there are some amazing concealers out there that can get the job done quick and easy but for long term EFFECTIVE results, your best friend is eye cream! Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream is my long time favorite ! And what’s the best part ? It works for all skin types ❤️ I loveeee this eye cream, I immediately see results from the moment I apply it on. This “morning after” eye cream, is formulated with coffee beans, perfect for waking up, refreshing, and restoring dreary skin. Continue reading



If you had to describe your style in one word, what word would that be ? This is literally the hardest question I’ve ever been asked !(I’m not kidding) I admire anyone that could confidently answer that question without a second thought. I would describe my style as RAW, if that makes sense. Raw meaning, I wear what I feel like wearing, without anyone’s permission. Continue reading